Kristy West

Account Director, Second City Works

Prior to joining Second City Works, she spent 14 years working in sales and business development in the Atlanta market while simultaneously studying, performing, and teaching improvisation. Over time, her improv training began to spill over into her professional life, helping develop critical communication skills and propelling her career to new heights. In 2009, Kristy merged her passion for improv with her extensive sales experience and began consulting, coaching companies like Home Depot, Mailchimp, Bank of America, WorldPay, and Cox Automotive on how to apply the principles of improvisation to build more cohesive teams and creative, and collaborative work environments.

Kristy joined Second City Works in March of 2017, bringing her years of experience to the premier practitioners of improv and its vast benefits to the workplace. She is based in Atlanta, where she runs the southeast operations.

Kristy was the designer and producer of the training at San Manuel, as well as the account manager for the relationship with Sam Manuel and Kantar TNS. Kristy and Brittany also partner on local I-O events in the Atlanta area, including Employee Engagement and Leader Development workshops.