Ian Bailie

Senior Director: People Planning, Analytics and Tools, Cisco Systems

Ian has 14 years'+ experience in managing operational effectiveness and enabling strategic transformation within HR. In his role as the Global Head of People Planning, Analytics and Tools at Cisco, he is responsible for delivering Market Intelligence, Analytics, Tools and Systems that enable and transform the planning, attraction and mobility of talent for tomorrow's Cisco. Ian is passionate about People Analytics and how to use data to transform the employee experience at Cisco.

Upcoming Conference Sessions Featuring Ian Bailie


Applying the Future of Work

Ian Bailie will discuss Cisco’s journey towards a more data-driven mindset in HR and how they have scaled this approach globally.

Cisco is able to analyze millions of job postings across sectors and geographies to get a real-time view of the job market and to identify and stay ahead of market trends, including benchmarking their skill profile against key competitors and leveraging market forecasts to flag emerging skills.

The team has built an approach that is proving to be extremely valuable for both internal and external hiring as well as essential to conversations on workforce planning and site strategy.  HR and the Business can access data to understand the skillset of their existing workforce and where they have critical skill gaps, while the external recruitment team is using analytics to build credibility, drive more strategic discussions with their hiring managers and provide snapshots of available talent pools to influence future hiring decisions.

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