Cindi Koetzle

HCI Faculty

Cindi has more than 10 years of experience in corporate learning and
development. She focuses on utilizing adult learning best practices in
learning strategy, classroom/virtual facilitation, and content design.

To meet the needs of today’s audiences, Cindi embraces technologies
such as online course management, robust marketing tools, virtual
environments, on-demand learning, cloud-based content libraries, and
multimodal learning to modernize training strategy/deliverables.

She’s also led change management strategy utilizing a cadence of
assessment, awareness, training delivery. and follow up support to
maximize adoption of training initiatives.

Cindi’s colleagues recognize her as a skilled partner, leader, and doer who
transforms ideas and initiatives into concrete meaningful, useful learning
solutions to achieve desired outcomes.
Cindi holds a Masters of Education from Xavier University in Human
Resource Development.
When not working, Cindi loves to travel internationally, take short road
trips, and eat good food. She enjoys spending time with her local “framily”
and visiting her like-a-nieces and nephews in Michigan.