Binderya Enkhbold

Director, HR Strategy and Performance, Verizon

Binderya currently leads the national HR Strategy & Analytics team at Verizon, a Fortune 500 company operating in 150 countries. In her role at Verizon, she is responsible for aligning workforce analytics, sales compensation, and talent management strategy to organizational priorities and leveraging business intelligence and research to shape business decision making and operational effectiveness.  

Since 2008, Binderya has formed multiple analytics teams, implemented system and process improvements, and delivered dashboards and advanced analytics to improve quality of hire, retention, talent performance, and engagement.  

Her past experiences include global HR analytics at McGraw Hill Financial, research and human capital consulting for high tech at Accenture, and global training, leadership development, and HR operations at the United Nations Development Programme. She has a Masters degree in Human Resource Management and Development from NYU with focus on Organizational Effectiveness.

Upcoming Conference Sessions Featuring Binderya Enkhbold


Retaining High Potentials During Corporate Transformations

Verizon is going through a corporate transformation. During this period of rapid change, Verizon is focused on keeping their high-potential sales team. Verizon’s analytics and planning team has analyzed how to keep this key function performing for the company.   

You will learn:

How analytics have to be cored to any corporate transformation.
How to remain agile to quickly respond to rapid transformation.
How to collaborate across teams for better integration across the company.

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