HR Training and Education

A Curriculum for Strategic Talent Management

HCI offers the only comprehensive curriculum for Strategic Talent Management and New Economy Leadership. Courses incorporate the most current thought leadership, best practices, original research and new ideas into a continuously evolving, highly collaborative learning experience.

All HCI courses are built on a foundation of:

  • Substantive and contemporary content, consistent with business school standards
  • Practical and actionable concepts, presented in case format
  • Active involvement, engagement and participation
  • Real world practices, that require application of the material
  • Use of best media and methods across learning styles
  • Highest quality instructors in both subject matter and pedagogy
  • An objective emphasis on measurably improving business performance

Learning Fundamentals

  • Optimized blended learning environment
  • Grounded in original research
  • Designed and taught by senior academics and executives
  • Highly interactive, case-based and collaborative
  • Continually updated with new content, tools and information
  • Practical, effective and focused on measurable business results
  • Supported by deep informal learning resources

Delivery Options

  • Local classes in the top 20 U.S. Metros
  • Online classes in the U.S. and across the globe
  • Onsite Corporate Training classes
  • Custom Enterprise Education Programs

The Learning Experience

  • Led by highly experienced faculty
  • Presentations, case studies, assessments, multimedia modules and activities
  • Instructor-led, student-directed to maximize custom learning
  • Collaborative knowledge-sharing across participants
  • A focus on strategy and better decision-making
  • A focus on practical application, leveraged with tools and job-aids
  • A focus on continuous change and access to evolving solutions through the HCI networks